Our Company

Customer Service

Truemark International Company are set up to provide specific technical advice and to help the customer in purchasing.

The commercial area is structured to create a customer loyalty relationship by following them in the preparation of orders, recommending the most suitable products for the company’s characteristics and to find the best offers in terms of quality and price.

Our operators offer total availability to customers to consolidate a working relationship that does not neglect the human aspects.



More than 10,000 tons of products are stored in Truemark International Warehouses , for an assortment of over 45,000 types of nuts, screws and bolts produced in various materials, from normal to very high resistance steel , from stainless steel, brass and nylon , as well as to many complementary accessories that make up our average stock reserve.

A great choice for the various types of companies, which in the overall 7,000 square meters can find everything needed to effectively solve any fastening problem.

The ability to deal with any request with extreme speed together with prices of absolute economy and quality , an efficient and lively commercial network that operates at all levels able to recognize in advance the real needs of customers, a warehouse able to always offer in every moment a complete range of products to cover all the needs of users from small workshops to large industrial complexes represent the engine of Truemark International Company already projected towards new and important goals.


Our Philosophy

Truemark International Company is a company with clear ideas and a forward-looking approach, with a policy of continuous dynamic expansion and attention to the needs of its customers.

The premises that have allowed the development of the company are due to:

  • Wide range and availability of high quality products
  • Fast and impeccable service
  • Cheapness


Customer Services

Truemark International Company is primarily aimed at large industrial companies up to workshops, carpentries, artisan realities and traders.

But more generally for any user who requires products in the field of professional fastening.

Many years of experience in the sector allows us to perform and advise your customers in the best possible way; with a simple telephone or Email communication.

Our specialized staff is able to respond effectively and quickly to any request from the smallest supply to the fulfillment of large orders.